Why Use Opposure

Opposure is the industry’s fastest growing competitive monitoring tool. When every minute means business, retail marketers choose
Opposure. Use Opposure as the real-time reporting lifesaver to monitor your competitors and defend your competitive edge!

Introducing Opposure

A friend of ours (Colin) once commented that he was spending hours a day checking competitors’ products every day. His competitor figured it out that he was doing it and blocked his IP address, this meant he could no longer see their products, specials etc or their entire website and keep up on their changes. He resorted to checking their facebook specials and other social feeds to keep up. But still it wasn’t good enough, then we introduced Colin to Opposure. Colin is back in Business.

Another client (Simon) was frustrated with constantly being asked by the directors of the company in company sales meetings about the competitor’s new products that he didn’t know about. It was almost like the competitors were launching new products on Sundays so he wouldn’t find out. Reporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your competitors will wonder how you know about their changes so fast. Simon now goes fishing on the weekends and knows what his competitors are up to before every meeting.

We could tell you 50 more stories just like Colin and Simon, try Opposure today, save time, enjoy life and know with confidence that Opposure is keeping an eye your opposition for you. With Opposure you will have more free time.

Opposure is:

  • Your perfect solution to monitor your competitors anytime & anywhere
  • Perfect to keep you ahead of competitor activity

Opposure Can:

  • Provide historical reports for you, your team or you clients
  • Help you demonstrate invaluable insights for key business reports i.e. QBR’s & Marketing Plans
  • Advanced Settings for Page Monitoring

    • Monitor specific activity of your competitors
    • A whole webpage? Part of a page? Or other activity?
  • Team Reporting Options

    Keep up to 5 members of your team informed daily, weekly or monthly with change reports

  • Mobile Apps IOS & Android

    • Get updates to your smart device as they happen!
    • NO need for browser plugins or emails for notifications
  • 24 Hour Ticket Support

    Get help anywhere, anytime around the world

CEO, Verseo.com
“A must-have tool for my team.”
Opposure has helped keep my team and I on our toes during the cut-throat holiday season. This has been invaluable to help us monitor both our competitors and track affiliate partners.


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